Environmental & Sustainability

alex-sykesAlex Sykes

At Alpine Works we are committed to the continuous improvement of our environmental and sustainability performance. We recognise that many of our activities have some impact on the environment and we aim always to minimise these and to adhere to the best environmental practice. As Environmental & Sustainability Manager, I will work with our own organisation and with our customers to help secure the best environmental performance – and am proud that we have received ISO 14001 accreditation in recognition of our standards and practices. As a matter of regular business practice, we:

  • Identify, quantify and evaluate the environmental impact of all our activities and address them appropriately
  • Use energy and natural non-renewable resources efficiently and prevent or minimise waste and pollution
  • Adhere to all legislation and best practice on target setting and reporting
  • Benchmark our performance against similar organisations.

Prior to undertaking any contract, we:

  • Ensure that environmental issues are considered at procurement stage
  • Develop a HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental) Plan during pre-construction phase and an Environmental Risk Assessment prior to commencement of works.

We will always seek to be innovative in how we deal with waste from our installations and service contracts – and may propose to our clients that we implement our Site Waste Management plan. In many cases this will provide them with information they have not received previously. We prioritise suppliers who have achieved high environmental standards: New suppliers/subcontractors will be selected in accordance with our internal procedures and we favour companies that are working towards the IS0 14001 standard with their performance assessed according to additional factors such as registration to ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001. In respect of special or hazardous waste: We ensure the safe and environmentally-conscious disposal of waste products on all our client contracts. In particular:

  • We ensure that contractors hold current waste carriers’ licences and meet all legislative requirements.
  • Appropriate waste transfer/consignment notes are obtained for all movement of waste from the sites.
  • Treatment and disposal of waste by waste carriers is subject to validation of the facilities used within six months of first use, thereafter annually.

Monitoring what we do: As Environmental & Sustainability manager, I carry out monthly audits of our practices, including waste disposal procedures – to ensure compliance with our ISO 14001 accreditation, our internal procedures and environmental legislation. We are also supported by MEL Health & Safety Consultants Ltd, our external environmental and sustainability auditors and advisers. I look forward to working with all our customers to make best practice a reality. A Sykes Alex Sykes, Environmental and Sustainability Manager